Adventures In Corvus

Enter the City
The Awkward Meeting

As the party members enter the city for all different reasons. Most for profit, selling product, turning in bounty or sword for hire. Two of them have known nothing but this city.

Deadshot first heads for the bounty office to turn in his bounty

Mud-Mug and Kreig head into the city with hopes of selling Mud-Mug’s magnificent ale. Sadly they, together, ended up drinking it all before they could set up shop.

Annalisse has grown up in service of the king in this city. She had been lightly trained to fight and sneak by order of the king.

There is one unknown player that has only just re-awoken into this world. She awoke with no knowledge of anything about herself, how she got where she was or anything about the world. The only name she has ever been called was prisoner. Nicknames such as short-stack,

After all the new-comers enter the city and take care of their initial tasks they head over to the tournament of fighters. Mud-Mug and Kreig enter the tournament while Deadshot watches from the stands. The halfling is also forced to fight in the tournament. While the tournament is happening our slave tiefling takes this opportunity and distraction to make her escape from the kings hold on her. The tournament did not go so well for team Car Ram-Rod, they are taken out easily by a team a goblins named Chip and Stabby. The winners of the tournament where the nameless halfling and an unknown armored orc took out the team of Chip and Stabby with almost no trouble.

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